Welcome to Miel Van Opstal to Microsoft

Ok, this didn’t get as much press Jon Udell joining my team, but is just as exciting.  Miel Van Opstal who authors the popular Marketing Thoughts blog will be joining our group as an Evangelist.  As part of this he’ll be producing content for Channel 10

Ok, since the word is out, I might as well write about it too. Yes, I’m switching jobs. At the moment I’m in my last week at i-merge, the brandbreeding agency. I’m currently still in the strategic team, but as of December 11th, I’ll be joining a few friends over at Microsoft. I’m going to be an Enthusiast Evangelist for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region and I’ll be listening to (and speaking with) the influential end users, the blogosphere and perhaps some online media.

Nathan Weinberg picked it up today on Inside Microsoft:

Congratulations are in order to Miel Van Opstal, who has helped out with blogging here when things were tough, and has built a popular marketing blog, “Marketing Thought”, at blog.coolz0r.com, as he starts his great new job at Microsoft! Miel will be joining MS as an Enthusiast Evangelist for the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, talking to users, bloggers and the media about some of the great things going on at Microsoft.

While no company is perfect, and Microsoft was a pretty rough place in the late 90s, Microsoft today is creating some amazing products that the market and the community aren’t noticing. While Google is well-loved and gets a flood of coverage on any product release, Microsoft has built some amazing things that, if they aren’t called Xbox, don’t get the notice they deserve. The fact that Windows Live Local isn’t getting the love Google Maps get is the biggest crime on the internet, and I’m glad Miel has joined up to help out.

Microsoft needs passionate people to get the word out, because their best stuff is completely misunderstood and under-represented. I can’t wait to see what cool stuff Miel starts doing. Maybe he’ll even show up here to let us know.

Lots of exciting new folks will be joining our group across the planet over the next few months, watch for more fun announcements soon! 🙂  Welcome aboard Miles!

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