This Blog Is Now Running Graffiti by Telligent

For the past five and a half years, I’ve been running DasBlog. It has served me well over the years and I’m really appreciative of Chris Anderson for giving it a start with BlogX and finally to Clemens, Omar and Scott for moving it along as DasBlog.

For quite some time  I have wanted to make a move to something that had more extensibility, better themes and more of a self service admin. I seriously looked at moving to WordPress, but wanted a .NET solution. (I just don’t have the time to learn PHP, even that might be a good experience).  I also worried about breaking over 5 years of links by moving to a new solution.

So what to do?

At Mix, I ran into Rob Howard and he sang the praises of his team’s new Graffiti CMS Product. I downloaded a copy before flying home to Mix and shortly into the flight home, got an instance of it running on my laptop. It really was that easy.

Graffiti is simple to setup, has plug-in support and even a scripting language known as chalk that allows you to do some pretty powerful things with your themes. Very nicely done.

To move this blog over from Dasblog to Graffiti, Jayme Davis and Scott Watermasyk of Telligent wrote a Dasblog importer. To preserve my Google juice and links, they created a Graffiti URL rewriting plugin for Dasblog.  That way all my posts 301 redirect to the new Graffiti based URLs. They plan to make these available in a future version of Graffiti, so all will benefit.

Thank you folks at Telligent. This is great.

Perspectives with Jon Udell

Jon Udell joined our team this past year.  In a short period of time he has played a huge role in help shape the content and approaches we take in creating content for the Evangelism Network. (Better know as the network of communities including Channels 8, 9, 10, Mix Online and TechNet Edge.

Today Jon is launching a new Microsoft-oriented interview series called Perspectives. The show covers a variety of topics including robotics, digital identity, e-science, and social software. For the most part he’ll interview innovators at Microsoft and sometimes folks from academia and industry as a whole.

His first interview with Henrik Nielsen and Tandy Trower, explores the Microsoft Robotics initiative. It is worth noting that we’re trying a few new things with this series.  First, every episode comes with a written transcript and finally each interview is edited for flow and clarity. I know editing? Scoble would think this is blasphemis. :-)

Great to see Jon’s new home out.  Check it out.


MIX08 on Channels 9, 10 and Mix Online

So we’re down here at Mix and what has now become a tradition my team is providing real-time coverage of the event via Channels 9, 10 and Mix Online.

We’ll have something for everyone. All the cool demos and deep dives with the partners along with the keynote stream are on Mix Online. On Channel 9, for the hardcore Developers we’ll have deep dives with the folks who build the product. Finally on Channel 10, we’ve got a first look at Internet Explorer 8.

First Look: Internet Explorer 8

Mix is amazing event and has sold out again. Unfortunately, I know not everyone can go so hopefully our online coverage helps you feel plugged in.

For the total Vegas experience though from home, I’ll recommend depriving yourself of sleep too.  3-4 hours each night this week should be your maximum.

Follow the Buzz over on Twitter.

Students Get Microsoft Software For Free!

DreamSparkBannerOk, this will hopefully go down as one of those announcements as, “Man, it is about time someone did this!”.  Tonight, over on Channel 8 Bill Gates is announcing Microsoft DreamSpark.

With DreamSpark on Channel 8 students can download Visual Studio , Expression and Windows Server. These aren’t limited editions or time bombed copies either, its the full meal deal.

Today, DreamSpark we are going live in 10 countries, including Belgium, China, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K. and the U.S.  More countries to come online soon.

Hats off to Joe Wilson, Bruce Curling and many others on the Academic Team at Microsoft for driving this forward. Lots of blood, sweat and tears in a project like this.

It is a great week for students everywhere. 

Postscript: Follow along on TechMeme for more coverage.

Last Chance to Join Our Team

We’ve had a number of new faces join the team in last few months. Max Zuckerman joined us to as Student Content Machine on Channel 8, Dan Fernandez is cranking with Channel 9 and Nic Fillingham is relocating from Singapore to work on Channel 10.

Guess what? 

We have room for one more.  Over on Duncan’s team we have an opening.  Come join the Microsoft team that works hard, plays hard and is changing how Microsoft connects with the community through social media.

So what are we looking for?

  • Someone who probably fits in the middle (or slightly to the dev side) of your designer vs. developer gradient image…
  • Someone who does mostly front end work, but can write .NET code
  • Someone who, if asked to write a web page that uses AJAX to call a web service, retrieve JSON, render the results in Silverlight and then make the whole thing interactive using JavaScript would be able to say “no problem”
  • Someone who cares about standards and semantic markup.
  • Someone who’d like to live in Redmond and work on the next generation of features for Channel 9, Channel 10, Channel 8,, and TechNet Edge

Is that you? 
Know someone who might be interested? 

If so, send me a tweet, drop me a line on Facebook or send an email and we’ll talk more.

We’re a small band of brothers and sisters creating cool online experiences, having fun and trying to show the world that Microsoft gets online community. Sort of like a Rebel Alliance living within the death star. :)

Come join us.