jQuery Wizard

 Today our Mix Online team shipped Glimmer. Glimmer is a wizard that allows you to easily create interactive elements on your web pages by harnessing the power of the jQuery library. Without having to hand-craft your JavaScript code, you can use Glimmer’s wizards to generate jQuery scripts for common interactive scenarios. Glimmer also has an advanced mode, providing a design surface for creating jQuery effects based on your existing HTML and CSS.

We use jQuery more and more throughout our sites and love it. With this app, we’re hoping to get more folks adding useful animations to their sites without having to mess with Javascript.

Enjoy :-)

Physics for Future Presidents

Late at night, I often listen to the radio as it helps me unwind, wash away the day as I’m finishing up email for the day or attempting to drift off to sleep.

My preference is to listen to open line type programs like Dr. Bill Wattenburg on KGO AM, Bruce Williams and even the occasional Coast to Coast AM.  What makes open line programs great is that the callers make up the program as opposed to guests. You’ll never know where the conversation can head.

So it was a bit of a departure last Sunday night when Bill Wattenburg had Richard Muller as a guest. Richard is the professor of one of the most popular Berkley classes (voted by students) and book of the same name Physics for Future Presidents.

So what is this all about? Physics for Future Presidents

Imagine it: You are the President and a terrorist has planted a dirty bomb in midtown Manhattan. What do you do? How do you react?  If you don’t know anything about Physics you won’t be able to act quickly or wisely. But if you do. . .

Future presidents (and voters) can’t afford to be ignorant about nuclear weapons. Physics for Future Presidents gives you the knowledge necessary to survive in today’s political and increasingly nuclear world.

What is the difference between a Uranium bomb, a Plutonium bomb, and a Hydrogen bomb? What are the real dangers of nuclear waste?

I really enjoyed this. You can watch the entire lecture series on YouTube or if you want the Cliff Notes in a great Q&A format, listen to hour 1 and hour 2 from KGO in their archives.

Happy 5th Birthday Channel 9

Who would have thought? :-) Channel 9 is Five.

Plenty of fun stuff happening this week on the site, all starting with a birthday song bh Chris Anderson and Don Box. It has been a pretty amazing ride for everyone since we launched the site. A fun week ahead of celebrating, remembering and visions for the future.

Check out some of the special birthday wishes for Channel 9.



Jamie has also created a new edition of C9 Park, some birthday wallpapers and a new edition of the C9 Choir.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and for participating. Fun day, now onto building the next 5 years.  

Hummingbird In The Snow

It snowed again this morning at our home in Fall City, Washington. I’m not sure when this cruel joke of winter will be over here. I moved away from Saskatchewan to leave snow. Although to keep it in perspective, it hasn’t really been cold. :-)

Making up for it all was this amazing photo that my wife captured this morning. Great show of a hummingbird braving the winter for a drink in our backyard.

Hummingbird feeding in the snow
Great photo, but spring, please come soon.

Microsoft Redmond Campus Webcam

Interested in what the weather is like in Redmond, Washington at Microsoft?
If so, you can check out my Microsoft Redmond Campus Webcam. I put this up a couple of months ago when made the move to building 24.

After trying a few different pieces of Webcam software (with epic failures) I am now having success using Fwink. Fwink has now been running for about 3 weeks with no restarts required.

Hat tip to Jeremy Cath for the recommendation of Fwink.

Diners Drive-Ins and Dives in Las Vegas

I’m a major fan of the television program Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. This show with Guy Fieri goes across the United States popping into great places with good food. Here in Seattle I’ve eaten a few times at Voula’s Offshore Cafe which has been on the show. You have to eat their Greek Hobo.

I’m actually on a secret mission (guess its not a secret now) to eat at all of the places that Guy Fieri frequents on his popular Food Network show. While in Las Vegas for Mix on our last night I convinced a four friends to make a trip off the beaten path to the Four Kegs.

If you are a Guy Fieri fan boy like me, well this place is like a Graceland. :-) It is where guy hung out while going to college. While there we ordered strombolis, ribs, the cheese steak sandwich, a salad and a few drinks each.

Total bill $86.00. Not bad for food and drinks for five. The food  was as good as it looked in the video above and we really enjoyed the staff.

Lots of character, I’ll definitely be going back. Now, for the next dive on my list.

Head of developer and platform relations at Twitter, Inc. Connoisseur of classic arcade and lover of cars. Proud to have grown up in Saskatchewan.