Jon Udell is leaving InfoWorld and Joining My Team At Microsoft

You know those secrets that you just want to tell everyone about, but can’t?  I’ve had one of those for the last couple of months. 🙂

I guess it was back in October my good friend Mr. John Montgomery sent me a note saying that I really needed to get to know Jon Udell better.  From there a series of wonderful emails, phone conversations and face to face discussions occured on a Redmond trip to meet the team. Jon and I worked through what it would mean/take for him to come and work at Microsoft a couple of weeks ago the deal became official.

Jon announced this morning on his InfoWorld blog that he is joining my team as a full-time employee of Microsoft.  In Jon’s new role he’ll be creating screencasts, podcasts and conducting interviews for Channels 9 and 10.  If you’ve never heard a Jon Udell podcast before or viewed one of his screencasts, you really need to.  You are in for a treat.

It is exciting. 

Jon has a fresh take on so many things and that combined with his long time industry experience will be so valuable to us in Evangelism.  Jon is a natural story teller, I find that I don’t want our conversations to end when we get on the phone so I can’t wait to see what he’ll do once he’s on fulltime.

Jon’s taking a brief break and will be joining us in the New Year.  Once he’s on board we’ll post an interview and announce the URL where you’ll find his content over on

Tracking coverage:

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Follow it all on Techmeme. (I can’t keep up)  Jon definitely is a media hacker and will continue to push the envelope at Microsoft.

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