Finding Power Outlets at Airports

So while I am delayed for my Northwest Airlines flight in Minneapolis (read the saga) I decided to startup a Wiki to help folks track power outlets at airports around the globe.  Give it a little time, I’ll pour some love into it over the next little while.  If you find an outlet, please add it to the page.

Postscript:  Maybe as Scoble says a wiki is the wrong idea for this.  What about a Flickr group for electrical outlets at airports?

Yes!  That will work as folks can just snap photos of outlets on their phone and you can search flickr for the photos.

Here’s an electrical outlet at Gate C5 – Minneapolis, MN.  Its to the left of the counter at Gate C5.  I’ve started a photo pool on Flickr for these at called AirPower.  Please help!   Man, I love the power of the web.

Postscript:  By popular demand, I’m keeping both the Wiki and the Flickr Group Alive.

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