Custom Timeline of Developers, Developers, Developers

We released Custom Timelines today at Twitter:

Custom timelines are an entirely new type of timeline –– one that you create. You name it, and choose the Tweets you want to add to it, either by hand or programmatically using the API (more on that below). This means that when the conversation around an event or topic takes off on Twitter, you have the opportunity to create a timeline that surfaces what you believe to be the most noteworthy, relevant Tweets.

Each timeline is public and has its own page on, making it easy to share so others can follow along in real time as you add more Tweets. And since custom timelines are part of our Twitter for Websites toolkit, you can embed these timelines on your website.

I created a custom timeline called Developers, Developers, Developers that I’ve embedded at the bottom of this post. You can also view this timeline over on I created the page with TweetDeckhere’s how. The idea is to have a timeline that contain tweets that represent the moments in the Developer life. Such as…..

If you see a Tweet that seems right for the timeline, please retweet it and /cc @jeffsand — I’ll add it to the timeline. 

There is also custom timelines API. Politco launched an Energy TweetHub that is built on this. If you are interested in developing apps that create and populate custom timelinesplease send us a note.  Enjoy.


Who Am I?

Jeff Sandquist

I am Senior Director of Developer Relations at Microsoft. I helped create the popular Channel 9 Developer Community, one of the first corporate blogs and a pioneer in the social space, and still lead this team to this day. I am a family guy and a total car nut!

My team and I make Channel 9 rock and heck of a lot more….

  • Seen something cool in a Microsoft keynote? Chances are someone on my team created it and did the demo.
  • Been to a Microsoft event like BUILDMIXPDC or TechEd? My team created the experience end to end, online, offline and around the world.
  • Seen a crazy hardware hack with Kinecta boxing robot or a crazy Mustang on TV? My team of Microsoft Magicians built it.

We are responsible for connecting the top Developers on the planet with Microsoft. If you are a creator and wonder what it is like to partner with Microsoft, drop me a line.

Head of developer and platform relations at Twitter, Inc. Connoisseur of classic arcade and lover of cars. Proud to have grown up in Saskatchewan.